AMOCA is a multidisciplinary architecture, design and interior design studio founded in 2018 by Bárbara Aguado Muñoz Olmedilla (Madrid, 1981) and Enrique Cabrera Salinas (Córdoba, 1981), architects from the Madrid Higher Technical School of Architecture.

 It currently has offices in Madrid and Malaga, developing its projects throughout the country.

We try to adapt the projects to the idiosyncrasy of the territory where we are, giving it an even more personal touch.

At AMOCA we study the forms that combine functionality and beauty in each of our projects. Come visit us and tell us about your project. We will take care of making it happen.

Our philosophy is to approach any type of assignment, with the same attitude and creative ambition, applying the same process in search of an appropriate and valuable solution.

We pursue a timeless and simple architecture by optimizing both natural and economic resources.

Our sources of inspiration are light and the Mediterranean.